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You want to ensure your brand is visible so your target audience can easily find you when they need you, whether it’s to buy a product or get information they need to make a decision. Links that originate on a referring domain and point to one of your webpages are most commonly known as backlinks in our industry. For example, if Search Engine Journal were to link to Wikipedia, then Wikipedia would have a backlink from Search Engine Journal. SEJ would be the referring domain and Wikipedia would be the referent. You may also hear these types of links referred to as inbound links or incoming links. In the Search Console, Google refers to these as “Links to Your Site.” However, most of the popular SEO tools call these backlinks. Links that point from one webpage of your site to another page of your site are known as internal links, or website navigation. For example, this is an internal link to SEJ’s Link Building Guide , a page that also exists on the domain. These types of links direct users to various pages or material within your site. As part of their navigational purpose, such links also play a significant role in SEO and can improve a page’s organic search rankings.

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As such, in most cases, you are shooting for sites with a DA of 80 or higher. For perspective, here are the DA ranks of several highly credible sites: Another key to the success of syndicated SEO content is the quality of CTAs in the article. Since the content doesn’t reside on your site, you are limited to text CTAs, which are not seo first page google guaranteed the best type of plugs to catch attention. But still, there are ways to achieve damn good click-through rates if you are doing it right. (For some reference, I managed to achieve a CTR of five percent with a CTA  on sites like Forbes. Please note that I’m not adding visits to related articles in this figure, which would pump it up twice.) First, you have to understand that the majority of the audience will just glance through the article and spend no more than 10–30 seconds on it, according to multiple studies. For those people, we want to include a bold CTA that visually stands out from the rest of the article. To that end, I use a CTA note at the bottom with a bolded subhead, a short paragraph about the offer followed by a sentence that entices to take action now. FREE eBook: How to Build an Email list of 50,000+ Subscribers from Scratch In this eBook, you’ll learn seven ways to drive traffic that converts to your brand new blog, five types of high-converting lead magnets and much more to build highly-targeted email lists of 50,000+ subscribers in a year. Claim your free copy today! Some readers, however, will dive deeper into your article, for whom we need something more organic.

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