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A secret rehearsal was arranged at Chequers for the then PM to "familiarise" herself with the vehicle. Her newly released personal files cover 1986, when Michael Heseltine quit over the so-called Westland affair and the US launched bombing raids in Libya. They have been published by the Thatcher Foundation. 'Fully confident' The documents reveal careful planning behind the scenes to avoid anything going wrong with the Rover 800 photoshoot at Downing Street. The PM's private secretary Mark Addison wrote to her : "You are test driving the new Rover on Thursday. "The most straightforward way of arranging this would probably be for you to drive the car from the front door towards the bottom of Downing Street, reversing into the side road, and then driving back up the street to the front door. "If you would like to handle the test drive in this way, you would need to feel fully confident about manoeuvring the car into the side road and back out again. "The alternative would be to walk down to the car at the bottom of Downing Street and drive it back to the front door. "Agree to the กระเป๋าสตางค์แบรนด์ first option?

FCL current product offerings include Basic Foods, Ready to Eat Meals, Snacks, Beverages, Personal Hygiene Care, and Home Care. FCL has been joining hands with strategic domestic and international partners to expand its product offerings and range. In August 2015 FCL formed a JV with Switzerland-based Mibelle AG to manufacture and distribute personal care product range in the Indian market. In December 2013 FCL signed a long-term agreement with California-based Sunkist Growers, Inc. to manufacture, market, and sell the Sunkist range of food and beverages and brands in India. About Hain Tilda Tilda Hain is a private Company which was incorporated in February 2014 in India. Hain Celestial acquired Rainham, UK based Basmati rice manufacturer Tilda Ltd for $357 million in January 2014. Tilda sells over 60 rice and rice-related products like dry basmati rice, steamed basmati rice, specialty and other rice, kids rice, and stir fry rice to more than 40 countries across India, North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Stock Performance At the closing bell, last Friday, Hain Celestials stock climbed 1.27%, ending the trading session at $40.61. A total volume of 1.79 million shares were traded at the end of the day, which was higher than the 3-month average volume of 1.38 million shares. In the last three months and previous twelve months, shares of the Company have advanced 12.43% and 12.49%, respectively.

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