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They all decreased their use of the Vine once it was clear it had "plateaued." Zachary Piona was a college student working a server in the Bay Area when he started making it big on Vine in October 2014 . At his peak, the 24-year-old's sketch-style comedy videos, which he presented to 3.3 million followers, produced enough ad revenue that he could quit his serving job. Now a graduate with a degree in psychology, he hasn't posted on Vine since March. He migrated to making videos on platforms like Twitter and YouTube because he wasn't having fun on Vine anymore. "I wouldn't call it a sell-out app ... but it just turned into a less fun thing," he told CNNMoney. He's recently been courted by other apps hoping to lure him to their platforms, but he said he's focused on honing his acting and writing skills. He also admitted he's "hesitant" to try new platforms in light of Vine's downfall. Thomas Sanders, who made a name for himself making comedic, slice-of-life Vines, said he too would urge caution.

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