Ms Donofree Also Had A Double Mastectomy After Being Diagnosed With The Disease, Aged 27.

Models with different shapes and stories proudly bared signs of surgery. Nearly half of the models had metastatic, or advanced, breast cancer, according to Ms Donofree. All proceeds went to Cancerland, an outreach and advocacy charity in the US. Warning: This article contains images of partial nudity "I felt sexy, I felt beautiful, and I was proud," Paige Moore, 24, said after taking part in the show. Five weeks ago, she had preventative double mastectomy after genetic testing. "I was like these scars are sexy and awesome, and I am here, I am alive and I feel good. That is all that matters," she said. In the US and the UK, cancer researchers say one in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Almost half the models in the New York fashion show had battled advanced breast cancer "It is a very important moment for them [the models] to get out there and experience something like this because breast cancer has taken over their bodies," Ms Donofree told Reuters. Ms Donofree also had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with the disease, aged 27. She started designing underwear for others who have undergone breast surgery after realising that traditional garments no longer fitted.

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