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It is difficult for many stores to stay in business since shopping online is becoming quite popular. Many teens like checking out fashion trends on social media sites. I asked several ninth-grade classmates at Wilson if they would rather shop in stores or online. Emily Glenn says, "I like going into a store because you can try clothes on. I like to know what the clothes look like in person before I buy it. Also, I don't like to pay for shipping and handling." Alexandra Schnoor agrees that shopping in stores is the best option, saying, "I like the shopping experience. I'm a small size, so it's hard to find the right style to fit me." Breanna Corjuc also prefers going into a store to pick out her clothes, saying, "I can try on everything and make sure it fits right before I buy it." However, Marin Werner says, "I prefer online because there is more of a selection and sometimes the store can be out of stock or doesn't have your size. But, I don't want stores to close because I still like the idea of going in one every now and then." Fortunately for these teenagers, their favorite stores are not affected by the closings. American Eagle is a top pick for Emily, Marin and Breanna because of their stylish clothing and affordable prices. Alexandra likes Aeropostale and Hollister because of their stores themes. Aeropostale is based off of New York style, while Hollister Co.

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Google's search engine and Chrome web browser are a rich source of data about people's interests and online activities that it can feed into machine-learning systems. Just last week, Google unveiled new ways that machine learning can help people identify flowers or pull up restaurant reviews just by pointing a camera. Now, Google is showing how it plans to use machine learning to make more money. Google already knows what you like based on the searches you make and the videos you watch. Online ads are then targeted to those interests. From there, Google can tell when you click on an ad and if you make an online purchase based on that. The new program takes that tracking into physical stores. Google says its computers can collect identifying data triggered by online clicks and match it with other identifying information compiled by merchants and the issuers of credit and debit cards to figure out when a digital ad contributes to an offline purchase. Google's tool won't work for cash payments or the 30 percent of U.S.

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