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Women in hijab looking at a tablet (stock image) To avoid claims of indirect discrimination, national courts must ascertain that people adhering to a particular religion or belief have not รองเท้าส้นเตารีด been put at a particular disadvantage, unless "objectively justified by a legitimate aim" achieved by means that are "appropriate and necessary". For instance, the Belgian court ruling on Ms Achbita's case would need to ascertain whether it could have been possible to offer her another post not involving visual contact with customers. Customer complaint The ECJ also considered the case of design engineer Asma Bougnaoui, who lost her job at French firm Micropole, after a customer complained that she wore an Islamic headscarf. The court ruled that any ban on headscarf could not be based on "subjective considerations". "The willingness of an employer to take account of the wishes of a customer no longer to have the services of that employer provided by a worker wearing an Islamic headscarf cannot be considered a genuine and determining occupational requirement," it said. A French court would have to determine whether the company in this case had dismissed Ms Bougnaoui solely to satisfy a customer or in accordance with a wider internal prohibition on religious symbols, the court ruled. 'Pandering to prejudice' For years, courts across Europe have faced complex decisions on religious symbols in the workplace. Jonathan Chamberlain, a partner at UK firm Gowling WLG, told the BBC that Tuesday's ruling reflected "what has been the UK's approach for some years". Germany's constitutional court ruled in 2015 a ban on teachers wearing the headscarf across the country's 16 states was unconstitutional . Such as measure was only justified if religious symbols represented a "concrete danger, or the disturbance of school peace". But John Dalhuisen, director of Amnesty International's Europe and Central Asia programme, said the ECJ's decision gave "greater leeway to employers to discriminate against women - and men - on the grounds of religious belief".

This would be an enhancement to that system. So we do see some opportunity at the back half of 2017 and then into 2018. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- David Kwon, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey - Analyst [22] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So could you see similar, I guess, well, sorry, how does that reflect an SG&A potential leverage in 2017 then? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jason Mazzola, Citi Trends, Inc. - President & CEO [23] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't have specifics on that. I wouldn't want to say a specific number. Bruce, would you have any color? Yes, I don't think we want to publicly say any specific numbers to that. But we see opportunities there.

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